Top Five Easy Tips for a Trendy Autumnal Look

Another fabulous blog from newbie Vicky Franklin, we especially like the smudgy eyes.

For most busy mums finding the time to just get ready, let alone look appealing enough to go out of the house for a nice meal or an evening with the girls is a difficult task. Noone’s got time to trawl through endless fashion mags to see what’s hot and what’s not, so these tips should help you look on trend in no time. I can’t stop you being climbed on and I can’t guarantee that won’t have to interrupt your beautifying for a child-related emergency, but hopefully these ideas will make it that little bit easier.

#1 Berry

This Autumn/Winter it’s all about the berry colour. You can get a nice berry lipstick in most stores which will give any outfit that wintery warmth, but remember…. no gloss. Matte is all that!

#2 Smudgy Eyes

What on earth, I hear you say, is a smudgy eye? As opposed to the smoky eye, this is achieved by using an eye pencil (try grey or dark blue rather than black) just above and just below the lash lines; this is then blended with a smudger. You can then add some complimentary eye shadow, but keep in mind the wintery colours like berry, charcoal and dark blues. There are lots of products on the market with a liner at one end and a smudger at the other.

#3 The Librarian

This season tweeds, checks and brogues are all in, so you can even look hot on trend for that important work meeting.

#4 Red

Red is everywhere at the moment, whether it’s a wintery jumper, a cosy coat or an evening dress, go red and you definitely won’t be hiding in the shadows.

#5 Plaits and more

Plaits, hair accessories and experimental colours are a hot look for the cold nights ahead. If you’re not brave enough to attempt a pink hue, then stick to what you’re comfy with; try doing yourself a plait after finishing the kids hair for school, but add a subtle embellished clip or wide headband to make it super trendy.

So if you want to totally rock the Autumn/Winter look and turn heads in the playground and the office, compile all these tips to make the perfect outfit.

Being a mum doesn’t have to be all about joggers, crocs and hair with porridge in. Make yourself glam for that special night out, and give mum a treat.

Blog by Vicky xx