Top 7 Mummie Beauty Hacks

We’ve all been there. We’ve spent ages getting the kids sorted, they are fed watered and ready to start the day and then you glance in the mirror. What happened to that well groomed twenty something woman? What happened to the hour to get “ready”. Being a mum is a great job but sometimes you need to spend a little bit of time on yourself even if time is literally seconds at a time. We’ve come up with 7 Busy Mummie 30 second Beauty hacks to help you along the way

#1 Dry Shampoo or Good Old Talc

Gone are the days of daily washing, blow drying and straightening. For those slightly limp greasy days grab some dry shampoo or just plain old talc and use it to soak up the grease and add a little volume.

#2 BB cream

A must have tinted cream to even out your skin. It literally takes less than 20 seconds and will leave your skin feeling velvety, smooth and looking flawless.

#3 Highlighter

Mums best friend. Grab a cheap cream or powder version next time you are out and about and use it to add a healthy glow to your tired skin.

#4 Car Lipgloss and Perfume

One of the best tricks I’ve ever done. Keep just two basic items in your car. Lipgloss and a small bottle of purfume. Application of the two takes just seconds and makes you feel even more beautiful than you already are!

#5 Master Sock Bun Curls

If you have long hair and like having a bit of a curl, master the sock bun. Putting it in takes just seconds and as long as you factor in some time for your hair to curl you’ll have Hollywood bouncy hair on demand. All is explained in this You Tube Video

#6 Face wipes

Not just for babies bottoms, keep a nice pack of aloe vera wipes by your bed and use them for late at night moments when you realise you’ve just fallen into bed or as a quick pick me up when you wake up.

#7 E45 Antifrizz Trick

Frizzy hair can be a real pain. Don’t fork out for the expensive anti frizz treatments just grab a very small blob of some E45 cream and gently swipe over your hair to tame those flyaway hairs.


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