Top 10 Craft Supplies for Kids

Here at Mummies Club we all have kids and we all love crafts! With this in mind we’ve put together our Top 10 craft must haves for your little monkeys. Stock up on these essentials and you’ll have hours of fun for a rainy day.

#1 Safe Scissors

Choose a pair you can be sure they won’t cut themselves on, we love Fishers Kids scissors, available from Hobby Craft

#2 Perfect Paints

Having a good selection of paint is a must have, we like acrylics as they work well on most surfaces.

#3 Brilliant Brushes

Make sure you stock up on a good selection of brushes, choose a range of thicknesses.

#4 Punch a Shape

Hole punches are a great addition to your craft set, you can get them in so many different designs, choose from stars, hearts and seasonal shapes like little christmas trees. Hobbycraft have a great selection, they also stock embossing pushes, the button one is very cute.

#5 Stamp Selections

Have a few stamps and an ink pad to hand for hours of fun. As with the punches above we suggest investing in some simple shapes and then adding some seasonal shapes in depending on the time of the year.

#6 Scrap Paper

Whether its pieces you’ve collected or scrap paper your bought, stock up on different colours and textures.

#7 Gorgeous Glitter Glue

Add some sparkle to any art with some glitter glue, we suggest having a few colours in your kit.

#8 Wolly Wool

A selection of wool in different colours and thickness is a great idea, perfect for sticking to art, hanging up crafts or a spot of finger knitting!

#9 Bendy Pipe Cleaners

We just love pipe cleaners as they are so versatile, black ones make great spiders legs and if you have at least 3 different colours, your mini crafters can have a go at making a plait.

#10 Glue Dots

So simple and easy to use for small fingers and they stick so much better than kids glue, choose the removable ones to make things even easier.

Have fun crafting!

Blog by Chloe xx