Tips For Optimising Conception

This blog comes courtesy of Zenses Holistic Therapies

You’ve made the choice to want a baby.  It’s important to prepare your body, mind, home, and relationship.  The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have a chance to increase conception.  Here are some  tips to jump start your journey to parenthood:

Create your fertility vision board – Start your baby making journey on a positive note by creating a family vision board.  Whether or not youconception. believe in the Law of Attraction, creating a vision board activates your powers of manifesting your dream family life.  By putting together a clear picture of what you dream of and seeing it everyday, you reaffirm your commitment to your dream.  Your dream stays at the forefront of your thoughts, thereby influencing your health choices throughout the day that support what you claim you want.  Make it as simple or elaborate as you like!

Check your cupboards – What food is inside your cupboards?  Healthy choices or junk food?  Are your fridge and freezer drawers filled with organic produce?  Or are they empty or filled with processed foods?  Make it easier for yourself by getting rid of all temptation, address you nutrition and make sure you switch onto a healthy eating regime.

Invest in yourself and your family –  by buying quality nutritional supplements, organic foods,  acupuncture, yoga classes and any other health investments.   The sooner you start, the healthier your pregnancy, your baby, your delivery, your postpartum months, breastfeeding, and chances for conceiving a second child will be!

Turn it on – Have regular sex but don’t make it chore, keep you relationship healthy and the spark alive. promote date nights  and have some fun.  In the event that you don’t conceive within the first few months of trying (1 in 4 couples don’t conceive within a year), keep working on your relationship, otherwise the stress of not conceiving as soon as expected can take a serious toll.

Understand how your body works – Take control and read the signs of your body. Look for cervical mucus, is clear and stretchy like egg white, around the middle of your cycle.  It helps sperm to survive up to 5 days and swim to the egg.

Prepare your body with reflexology –  which is great at improving your fertility.  By increasing blood circulation to your ovaries and uterus, relieving stress, regulating hormones, improving digestion and sleep, reflexology is essential for preparing for a timely conception, pregnancy, and long-term health. For even quicker results, bring your partner for treatment, too!

Exercise – increases circulation to your reproductive organs, relieves stress, and releases healthy hormones that support conception. Find an activity that you enjoy but avoid excessive high-impact exercise or weight-lifting as these may increase your chances of miscarrying.  Exercises 20-30 minutes at least 3 times per week.  Also avoid over-exercising such as marathon training.  This may delay your ability to conceive.

Medical care – A simple vaginal infection may impair your chances of conceiving.  If you suspect your tubes are blocked or experience severe symptoms such as excruciating menstrual cramps, skipping cycles, a hard abdomen, consult your doctorre or fertility specialist.  Ask your physician for blood tests. Check if all your levels are within normal limits.  An overactive or under active thyroid may affect your fertility.   You don’t want to waste a year trying to conceive before discovering health complications.

If you’re someone that prefers balancing your body before resorting to more invasive methods, I strongly recommend consulting an expert fertility reflexologist.