This week on Great British Bake Off

26th October – The FINAL

And the winner is… Candice. For those of you that watched the show on Wednesday I’m sure you’ll agree it was a great final. We LOVED Candice’s “piggy” sausage rolls and are planning on whipping up some to munch on over the weekend. Scroll down to find this weeks GBBO recipes and remember to bookmark this page so you can find all the recipes in one place throughout the year.

Mary’s Victoria Sandwich


Click HERE for recipe from BBC

Candice’s Chocolate and Orange Cake


Click HERE for recipe from BBC

Andrew’s Smoky Cheese and Olive Scones


Click HERE for recipe from BBC

Jane’s Sausage Rolls with Caramelised Red Onions


Click HERE for recipe from BBC

19th October

This week was Patisserie Week and we saw the final 4 contestants drop down to 3. It was roller coater of cravings during the episode, we craved fondant fancies, now want to make a savarin for Christmas (or maybe before) and desperately want to gobble down a savoury palmiers. Read on for recipe links so you can have a go at home.

Paul’s Savarin with Chantilly Cream


Click HERE for recipe from BBC

Jane’s Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato Palmiers


Click HERE for recipe from BBC

Andrew’s Chocolate and Coffee Fondant Fancies


Click HERE for recipe from BBC

12th October

This week on GBBO was Tudor week. The bakers, now down to the final five, tried their hands at pies, biscuits and a Tudor style marzipan show stopper. Read on for the usual links to everything GBBO this week.

Paul’s Jumble Biscuits


Click HERE for recipe from BBC

Even though these caused issues for the bakers they looked pretty scrummy.

Andrew’s Pork Pie With Chicken And Apricots


Who doesn’t like a nice pie? Andrew is holding on in there and made this fabulous son on a traditional pork pie.

Jane’s Spiced Pork Pie with Cranberries


 Click HERE for recipe from BBC

Jane has stood her ground over the last few weeks, creating some brilliant bakes, this pie is one to make for Christmas, bookmark the recipe now before you forget!



The show stopper this week included marzipan. Just incase you’ve never made it we’ve found this easy Vanilla Marzipan to follow recipe on the BBC Good Food website.


5th October

We’re in LOVE! This week GBBO gave us dessert week. Whether you managed to watch the show or not we’d definitely recommend you have a go at making some of the damn right indulgent bakes from this weeks show. Read on for recipe links galore!

Mary’s Marvellous Marjolaine


CLICK for recipe from BBC

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a Marjolaine before we hadn’t either, but we wish we had. Each levy cake consists of layers of nutty meringue, praline buttercream and chocolate ganache. and great news it’s gluten free!

Selasi’s lemon and Strawberry Roulade


CLICK for recipe from BBC

Selasi has been winning the hearts of viewers over the past few weeks and this delicious recipe is going to make him even more popular.

Andrew’s Childhood Ice Cream Mouse Cakes


CLICK for recipe from BBC

Just the title of this bake has got us wanting to know more. Check ut these fabulous mouse cakes courtesy of the lovely Andrew.

28th september

This week saw a GBBO first – Botanicals week! If you watched the show you will now be craving flatbread, citrus meringue pie and a large cake with intricate icing flowers. We’ve pulled together our favourites (complete with recipes) so you can have a go at baking this weekend. 

Paul’s Fresh Herb Fougasse


Click for recipe from BBC

Or if you fancy something a little simpler why not try these breadsticks from Lorraine Pascale.


Click for recipe from BBC

Jane’s Lime and coconut meringue pie


Click for recipe from BBC

And… if you were inspired by Tom and his fabulous showstopper and want to know more about baking with tea take a look at this Archived article from The Guardian


VIEW article here

21st September

This week saw pastry week and talk about mouth watering! If you fancy having a go at some pastry work this weekend take a look at out top recipes below, this week we’ve chosen our favourite from each round:

Candice’s Cinnamon, Apple and Custard Danish


Click for recipe from

Mary’s Bakewell Tart


Click for recipie from

Andrew’s Baklava Bites


Click for recipie from

14th september

This weeks Great British Bake off saw batter week. Yorkshires, pancakes and churros. Watching the show always makes us want to stuff our faces with everything they bake so we’ve been doing a little early morning surfing and pulled out 3 recipes/articles just incase you fancy a spot of GBBO inspired baking this weekend.



Have a go at this basic recipe from BBC Good Food, complete with chocolate dipping sauce – what’s not to like.


We just know we are gong to be playing with yummy Yorkshire pudding fillings this month. To get our mouths watering (as if they weren’t already) we’ve asked our franchisees what they’d fill theirs with – heres what they said:

Helen – Petersfield and Chichester


“Hmm I think I would liked to try smoked salmon, and a sweet one would be great – say chocolate and hazelnuts!”

Gwen – Camberley and Farnborough


As a veggie I’ve never really thought of doing that. Having just googled for ideas I’m now dying to try this – Brie and mushroom…yummy!!





Who’s have thought you could make a lace pancake. Until last night we didn’t even know they existed. This got us thinking – what else can you do with a humble pancake. Well guess what we’ve found out. Read on for 24 things you never thought to do with pancakes HERE