This Week On GBBO

Tuesday 10th Oct

Put your hand up if you now want to up sticks and move to Italy? Us too! This week on GBBO saw italian week and it was packed full of bellissimo treats. Here’s what we’ve learnt from this weeks episode…

1. Cannoli Are Quite Simply Beautiful

Well some of them turned out beautiful anyway. Crisp bubbly pastry cases filled with ricotta based fillings – what more could you want? We particularly liked Liam’s Baklava version, click HERE for his recipe and who could refuse to try Kate’s Espresso Martini versions which you can view HERE.

2. Simple Pizza Isn’t That Simple

After laughing a little to ourselves when Pru took away the bakers rolling pins for the pizza challenge we realised this simple meal isn’t actually that easy. The bakers produced a wide spectrum of offerings from Kate’s misshapen disaster to Steven’s almost perfect offering now all we want to do is have a go ourselves (and do the Pru “does the end bend” test). Why not have a go this weekend, you’ll find the recipe HERE

3. SFOGLIATELLE is really hard to pronounce (and make)

The show stopper was a little more like a technical this week but never the less it was a learning experience. The bakers had to create little pastries that looked like lobster tails and while some triumphed some didn’t quite hit the brief. Even though they weren’t the prettiest of versions filling wise Steven won our hearts (again) with his Chocolate and Ginger Sfogliatelle. Have a go yourself HERE to do what we plan to which is to just find an italian bakery and buy some.

Tuesday 3rd Oct

This week saw some fabulous pastry creations from all the contestants and by golly have we learnt A LOT, here’s a round up…

1. Topping A Pie With Fruit Is A “Must Do”

The bakers had to make a pie topped with fruit and make sure it was “hard raised” at the same time. Besides the fact some bakers used the inside of a mould and other the outside they displayed some seriously delicious looking creations at the end of their benches.

Our favourites were Steven’s Christmas pie (oh yes we know what we’ll be doing as soon as December arrives) and Kate’s Bombay potato curry pie. Want to know more? Just click on the links above to see their recipes.

2. PASTÉIS DE NATA Are Really Hard to Bake

Ok so they look lush (and taste amazing) but who’d have thought these little Portuguese tarts would prove so difficult. Most of the bakers produced below standard versions of this sweet treat BUT having watched them now we all now what to do (thank you Paul). So what are you waiting for? To view his recipe click HERE

3. You Can Colour Pastry Red

Well who’d have thought it? You can make red pastry! This week Stacey pulled out a fabulous LOVE themed signature bake that got us all lusting after the pretty red pastry. To find out more take a look at her recipe HERE

Tuesday 25th Sept

Who doesn’t love a pudding! This week saw some glorious sugar filled delights all of which looked delicious. Here’s what we learnt this week…

1. Making A Molten Pudding Is Pretty Hard

Paul’s challenge this week was a fabulous peanut butter filled molten chocolate pudding. Yum! Although some of the bakers hit the brief spot on a lot of them struggled with the molten centre. If you fancy making one yourself here’s the recipe.

Image and recipe from GBBO HERE

2. There’s More Out There Than Spotted Dick

The steamed puddings made by the bakers tis week were inspired. From Jame’s steamed orange and ginger delight to Stacey’s bakewell steamed pudding. Pop on over to the GBBO website to copy their recipes below.

Image and recipe from GBBO HERE

Image and recipe from GBBO HERE

3. We Now Only Want To Eat Trifle As A Layered Pudding

So the show stopper had us drooling all over the place this week and nothing looked better than Sophie’s trifle terrine. I mean come on, how good does that look. Have a go at your own using her recipe below.

Image and recipe from GBBO


Tuesday 19th Sept

We are in love… with caramel. This weeks GBBO provided over an hour of drool-worthy food all laced with this sticky golden delight. o if we can stop salivating here’s what have we learnt from this weeks show…

1. It’s Really Hard To Make Caramel

Whether you’ve tried it or not it seems it’s very hard to make caramel especially for Stroopwafels, which can we say look divine! If you fancy making you very own versions check out Pru’s recipe below.

Image and recipe from GBBO HERE

2. There Are More Versions Of Millionaire’s Shortbread Than We Thought

From Steve’s macadamia, orange and coffee shortbreads to Liam’s salted peanut version we are hooked. We can just see the whole of September (and October) being taken up with baking this versatile delight. If you want to join us check out the recipes below.

Image and recipe from GBBO HERE

3. We Want A Poppy Seed Cake NOW

Besides the fact the team here at Mummies Club HQ are all on diets we WANT some of Julia’s poppy seed cake NOW. We think its the “light as air” butter cream that’s got us going crazy. Check out her recipe below.

Image and recipe from GBBO HERE

Tuesday 12th Sept

Bread week! One of our favourite weeks in the GBBO calendar as Paul turns into THE KING. We love the way he worries the contestants about their recipes and methods, even if it does seem a little cruel. So what have we learnt from this weeks show and what has it inspired us to bake…

1. Teacakes Need Even Fruit And An Egg Glaze

Omg who’d have thought teacakes could be so different and difficult. This week saw a the bakers produce some stunning teacakes and some a little less so. The whole experience has got us in the mood to have a go ourselves. With this in mind we’ve chosen Kate’s blueberry teaches because they just look awesome.

Recipe and method on the GBBO Website HERE

2. You Need To Make A Finger Hole In A Cottage Loaf

Let’s face it when we watch the show we love seeing all the triumphs but we also secretly like a little fail and this week it was Kate’s Cottage Loaf. Don’t get us wrong it looked like bread but she forgot the all important “finger through the middle” trick which resulted in a topsy turvey “rustic” style attempt. If you fancy having a go at Paul’s loaf you’ll find the recipe below.

Recipe and method on GBBO website HERE

3. You Can Make a Bag from Bread

Yes this is true and Steven “proved” it (sorry bad joke!). If you missed this you must watch it on demand it is a true master piece, so much so that Paul swapped places with Steven and made him stand next to Pru.

4. Bread Snails Don’t Always Look Like Snails

And lastly a little something to make you giggle. Sandi won star baker and gave us all a laugh with her fabulous  show stopper bread snail.

Tuesday 5th Sept

OMG we are loving this new series of GBBO. Following the familiar format Channel 4 have hit on a winner. This week saw biscuit week and this made us salivate for a full 90 minutes (and eat a few biscuits in the ad breaks). But what have we learnt and what recipes has it inspired us to bake this week?

1. We Only Want To Eat Sandwich Biscuits From Now On

Image from

From the glittery marshmallow filled dreams Stacey served up to Flo’s Gin Jam Butties to all we want to do is bake a sandwich biscuit now and guess what we can (yay!) For this and the other glorious biscuit recipes featured in the show pop on over to the GBBO website HERE

2. Fortune Cookies Look Really Fun

Image from

Although some of the bakers struggled with the fortune cookie challenge one thing is for sure they look great fun and we want to have a go.  Well guess what, we are in luck as the lovely blue eyed Paul has placed his recipe on the GBBO website for us all to try this weekend. Click HERE for more information.

3. Forget Birthday Cakes We Now Want A Birthday Biscuit Showstopper

Image from

What a great idea, especially if you want something a little different. According to GBBO this is the perfect rainy day activity for the whole family (and lets face it there quite a lot of rain around at the moment). Have a go a recreating Sophie’s game (recipe HERE) or design and bake one of your own.