Things we love … Felt!

Things we love. Felt crafts! After seeing a fabulous felt vegetable garden by Lia Griffith we have been inspired to search around for other felt crafts. Here are our top three, ideal for you to try now the school holidays are here.
#1 Veggie Garden Fun – this project may take a little bit of time but the end result is fabulous. Make a range of vegetables and fruit such as carrots, mushrooms, beetroot and strawberries alongside some soil padding. We guarantee this will keep little ones entertained for hours (click the link below).
#2 Felt Piggy Bank – a quick simple project as all you need is some felt, scissors and a sewing machine. Find full instructions in the flipped article in the Mummies Club Magazine (click the link below)
#3 Dress Up Dolls – this brings me back to my childhood. A simple and easy way to make a personalised game for your child. Simply choose a large sheet of felt for the background and then design and cut out dolls, clothes and accessories. If dolls don’t take your fancy perhaps do a space or pirate theme.