The Unicorn Trend Love It Or Hate It?

You may have noticed for the past few years everything is “unicorn this and unicorn that”. Whether you love or hate the craze it’s everywhere.

With this in mind we’ve pulled together our top picks including some pretty out there items including this sushi (yes sushi) from The Indigo Kitchen!

Rainbow Unicorn Sushi

Image from Indigo kitchen

We thought we’d start with a food unicorn trend because, well we just like food… If you want to brighten up your sushi give this a go using natural colouring like matcha, turmeric and beetroot powder.

Unicorn Hair

Image and styles from

Luckily having unicorn hair doesn’t mean you have to stick a big horn on your forehead. We like these plaits and subtle colours from Trend Hair.

Unicorn Onsie

Image and product from M&S

We all love a onesie (even if you say you don’t!). There are loads of versions out there, some that actually make you look like a unicorn and some a little more subtle like this version from Marks and Spencer.

Unicorn Ice Cream

Image and instructions from Bread Booze & Bacon

Back to food because… well you know why! This DIY unicorn ice cream is perfect for the summer ahead, whip some up and keep it in the freezer NOW!

Unicorn Manicure

Image from

If you want to really show off why not get a unicorn manicure like this one featured in Cosmo. Or if you wanted something more suitable for little nails try using some nail stickers like these from amazon.

Image and product from Amazon

Unicorn Stationary

Image and product from Paper Chase

If you are a fan of stationary pick up this set from Paper Chase, only available online its a great pice and has loads of products to feed your unicorn obsession.

Unicorn Toast

Image and recipe from

Last but not least we’ve gone back to food! Of course! We love this version from Delish as the topping is made with cream cheese and marshmallow fluff (can you get anything more magical?).