The School Place

 This blog is written by one of our newest bloggers here at Mummies Club, Vicky Franklin, watch this space for for more blogs by Vicky over the coming weeks.

Like many parents we are currently going through the process that will steer our child’s path and shape their future.…..the school placement!

This whole thing is like a minefield; visiting schools, submitting the form in time and putting the things in the right order, as well as actually mentally preparing yourself for the fact that your ‘little baby’ is about to go to school. They can waft all the forms they like in my face, but it’s still as confusing as Newton’s third law.

For a start, what is the ‘best’ school? Best is not the same thing for everybody. You and your child may like the amazing facilities, or the outstanding Ofsted report, but for others it could be the location. Can you walk there? Are you going to get stuck in the rush hour town traffic? And then there’s the moral obligation of whether you put your child in a school with all their friends. While some need the comfort and stability of a friendly face, others may not thrive under the shadow of their existing friendships. It’s a constant battle between what you should do and what you would like to do.

The most important thing is to visit as many schools as you like and when you go on the tours, don’t feel afraid to ask questions. Think of it like a job interview and ask them the things that will really make the difference to you; such as ‘What is the staff turnover?’ or ‘What is your policy on bullying?’ I’ve even heard of someone asking if the head knows the name of every child (something I feared in my school, as they did, and weren’t afraid to bellow it at you!) But remember, this is as good as the school is going to look. Don’t wear your rose-tinted glasses, take it with a pinch of salt and just go with your gut.

Personally, I think I will visit each setting with an open mind (albeit a heavy heart) and see how it makes me feel; I’ll think ‘Would I want to come here every day?’ All the while remembering that everyone is different, there is no right answer and you’ve got your child this far, I’m pretty sure you’re doing something right!

Blog by Vicky xx