The Rise of The She-Shed

So what on earth are we talking about? What is a She Shed? Don’t worry we haven’t gone mad. It’s actually terribly simple it’s a shed, outhouse or summer house with a feminine touch. Think beautiful colours and decors, think fit for use. Gone are the traditional shed items like mowers and spades, all traces of the traditional idea of a shed has been removed and in it’s place is a thing of beauty. 

Here are our top  5 She Sheds Ideas to inspire you this summer.

#1 Small and Colourful


Source: Cuprinol

This She Shed is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to even the smallest of back gardens. Perfect for entertaining.

#4 The Perfect Craft Station


Ever thought you would like your own private workspace? Converting even the most basic shed to accommodate your favourite hobby makes a perfect She Shed.

#3 Modern Office Space



This beautiful example of a modern outbuilding, a perfect place to work away from the madness of the main house.

#4 Create a Relaxing Space


A great use of a She Shed is creating a secluded space to just “chill”. We love the pastel tones in this example.

#5 Think big



Ok so we’d all like to put a pool in the garden but unless we win the lottery it’s unlikely to happen. The next best thing? A sauna She Shed and the best part – this one is portable.