The Cutest Halloween Tea Ever

For the past few years we have created a Mummies Club Halloween Tea Blog complete with lovely food ideas to celebrate the scary holiday. This year we think we’ve come up with our cutest menu ever… Read on for full instructions and scroll to the bottom of the post for our handy shopping list.

Classic Ghosts and Pumpkins

Halloween child friendly treats with bananas and clementines

This idea has been around for a while but never disappoints as it’s so easy to do. Peel and cut the bananas, take 3 small chocolate drops and attach to the bananas as eyes and a mouth using icing or Nutella (or just push them in firmly). Peel your tangerines, slice some celery and place in the top of the tangerine as a pumpkin stalk.

Freaky Frankeinstein Monster Faces

Frankenstein cake pops

These look super cute. You will need to find or dye some green marshmallows (or you can make some square cake pops). Use melted chocolate for the features or black icing if your short on time.

Monster Mouths

Halloween treats, little monster dessert

Create your very own cute master using a combination of  brownies, marshmallows, custard (or angel delight) and black icing. If you are feeling adventurous give them to the kids to make, we guarantee the result will be even more scary!

Ghostly Pizza

pizza for Halloween with ham, cheese and olives close-up. horizo

Make this ghostly pizza and wow your guests. Using a normal shop bought pizza (or home made if you have time). cut out some ghost shapes using cheese slices (these are best as they keep their shape well) and use olives for the eyes and mouth. Add spiders in the middle of your pizza using more olives.

Mummy Sausages

Mummy sausages scary halloween party food decoration wrapped in dough with blood sauce on clay dish.
Create these lovely little cute mummies using cocktail sausages, some ready to roll pastry, tomato sauce and icing google eyes.

Spooky Smiles

Spooky green apple monsters for Halloween party

We just love these spooky smiles. Create using apple slices, peanut butter, sunflower seeds (teeth), strawberry and ready made google eyes (or white chocolate buttons and black icing).

Handy Shopping List


Chocolate buttons (milk)



Green marshmallows (or similar)



White marshmallows

Black icing tube large


Cheese slices

Black olives

Cocktail sausages

Ready to roll pastry

Tomato sauce

Icing google eyes (or white chocolate buttons)



Peanut butter

Pumpkin seeds

Cocktail sticks or Cake pop sticks

Have fun!