The 4 R’s For A Happy Family

This blog comes from our friends over at Parenting Success. Thank you to the lovely Mette Theilmann for sharing this with us all.

I’ve had a lot of requests this month from parents asking for advice about how to keep up chores and responsibilities over the summer and how best to discipline their children and encourage positive co-operation at home.  

First R: 

It’s important to have a healthy Relationship with our children as we can’t influence our children until we have a positive relationship with them. In order for that to happen we need to invest in mindful time. So let’s give our children a big dose of our mindful “Special Time” every day over the summer, topped up with lots of praise and unconditional love.

Second R:

Children need Rules, they make them feel safe plus they need to know what is expected from them or not and what will happen if the rules are broken.  Often rules don’t work because they have been ‘pushed’ down on our kids. Nobody likes to be told what to do nor have fingers pointed at them so it can actually move us further away from co-operation and team work. Instead we recommend that you have a family meeting where you can talk about what is important to your family and your family values. Together agree a maximum of 3 household rules, write them up and have them visible to refer to if needed. If you need support with how to set up a family meeting CLICK here to have a look at our upcoming workshops.

Third R: 

Planned, prepared and positive Responsibilities teach our children that as part of a family everyone needs to share the workload. Having valued chores makes them respect us more as we are not just their ‘servant’ who cooks, clean and drives them around. They will appreciate our job as parents more, as they will feel a valued part of the family’s daily function. Sit down together and talk about who can do what and when. Write it down as an agreement and aim to stick to it.

Fourth R:

kids LOVE Routine and it makes family life easier as everyone knows what will happen and when. Even though it’s summertime we can still have routines; September will come round quicker than you think and if you already have routines in place it will be much easier for you all to settle back into the swing of things. Sit down and agree your daily routines, you can even write or draw up routine charts that you can refer to when needed. You can have routines for getting up, breakfast, leaving the house, dinner, screen time, bath time, bedtime etc.  If you need support with setting up rules and routines CLICK here to have a look at our upcoming workshops.

Of course children will always test our limits so there will be times when we will need to apply consequences but hopefully by applying the four Rs you will be less in need of them.