Take 5 Mins To Make Someone’s Week

In this day and age of text messaging and online communication sometimes it’s just nice to step back and do something personal to make someones day or week.

Not only do you make someone else feel great you also feel good yourself.

Read on for some simple ideas that take from just 5 small minutes.

5 mins or less…

Give a compliment

It’s all to easy to go though life just focussing on the next thing in your busy day. Take 5 mins to stop and look around and give someone (a friend, a stranger, a loved one) a sincere compliment.

Say thank you for something you appreciate

When was the last time you told your parents what a great childhood you had or your friend how she always makes you laugh. Find something in your life you take for granted and say thank you.

Write a postcard

Postcards aren’t just for holidays. They are super easy (no worry about envelopes) and you can even send them straight from your mobile phone with a personalised photo. So why not pop one in the post and make someones day.

Hide a note

We all like to find a little note meant just for us. Whether its in your child’s lunchbox or husband/wife’s wallet. Write something thoughtful and hide it for a lovely surprise.

Send a small gift

This might not be practical (or affordable) all the time but receiving a small gift is the perfect pick me up. Send something  thoughtful like a favourite chocolate bar or a bath soak, perfect to remind sleep deprived new mums they are doing a great job.

A little longer…

Cook a meal

If you’re cooking a family meal why not double up and pass it on to someone who would really appreciate a night off. You can even freeze it and pass it on at a later date.

Do a chore

This is a really lovely way to make someones day (and week) do a simple chore like unload and reload a friends dishwasher or whizz the hoover round. Just be careful you ask first so you don’t offend.

Send or  deliver some hand picked flowers

Flowers are a great way to make someones week and unless you are lucky enough to get them regularly they are a real treat. Send some through the post or pick a bunch from your garden and deliver them by hand. It’s both a thoughtful and uplifting gesture.

Make a conscious effort to be positive

We all have them, friends or family members who are constantly down or always talk like the glass is half empty. Try and recognise this in someone around you and vow to spend some time with them and be positive. Talk about things they are great at, funny memories etc. You’ll soon make them feel great.