Surprising Yogurt Recipe Ideas

Yogurt is a versatile ingredient but most of us don’t use it enough.¬†This blog showcases some fabulous ideas and recipe links.

#1 Make an Ice Cream Pie

Image and recipe from Eating Well

Made with non-fat vanilla greek yogurt this fabulous Grashopper ice cream pie is a great idea, find out more on the Eating Well website.

#2 Create a Cocktail

Image and recipe from We are not Martha

Ok so we always try and get a little something for the grown ups into our blogs and this is no exception. Try these cantaloupe boozy smoothie shooters from We are not Martha.

#3 Get Dipping

Image and recipe from Diabetic Living Online

One for the health conscious. This Thai spinach dip is bound to go down a storm at your next summer BBQ.

#4 Go Nutty

Image and recipe from Baker by Nature

Adding Nutella to anything instantly makes it awesome and these greek yogurt rocky road parfaits are a prime example. Find out more on the Baker by Nature website.

#5 Bake Up

Image and recipe from The Londoner

Using yogurt in cakes makes a fabulous moist treat. We love this French Yogurt Cake from The Londoner.