Surprise Vegan Brands

This is one of those “we just had to share” blogs. Unless you are vegan (or know someone who is) you may not be aware that some well-known branded snacks and treats are suitable for a vegan diet. Take a look and bookmark this blog for yourself, for a friend or for when you have a vegan guest round for tea!

#1 Fox’s Party Rings



Who’d have thought it. Foxes party rings are a perfect vegan treat. A staple of British parties for years, perfect for summer street celebrations.

#2 Birds Custard Powder



A staple of any family cupboard. Whip up a vegan summer triffle using Birds Custard. One word – yum!

#3 Jacobs Cream Crackers



A great go-to cupboard staple and although the name suggests they contain cream they don’t – yippee!

 #4 Warburton Crumpets



There seems to be a strong British theme in this blog. Many crumpets are vegan including Warburtons and Sainsbury’s.

#5 Frys Chocolate Cream



A classic chocolate bar that reminds us of Grandparents. Perfect to deal with that much needed end of the week chocolate fix.

#6 Mr Kipling Jam Tarts

mr-kipling-jam-tarts-6-packImage from

Who doesn’t like a jam tart? Mr Kipling has done an exceedingly good job (sorry) of making his tarts vegan. A perfect accompaniment to a soy latte!

#7 Jelly Tots


Image from

We all love chewy sweets but did you know Jelly Tots are suitable for Vegans? We didn’t.

Please do check the labels as ingredients can change.