Summer Hair For Busy Mums

Being a busy mum it’s sometimes hard to look anything other than a big mess first thing.

As the summer is now here we’ve pulled together some ridiculously simple summer hair styles from fishtail buns to braided ponytails and bobby pin hacks.  All are guaranteed to make you look and feel beautiful.

#1 Braided Ponytail

Image Twist Me Pretty via Babble

Ponytails can be a staple when you’ve got kids. Try adding a little something extra with this simple braided idea from twist Me Pretty Via Babble.

#2 Fishtail Bun

Image and style from Barefoot Blonde

We love the elegance of this style and the fact you can hide the slightly messy hair. Time to embrace the natural look.

#3 Update Your Look With A Headscarf

Image and idea from Mother and Baby

This look is perfect for any length of hair and is perfect for the summer. Choose a head scarf that matches your outfit or go simple with something like denim.

#4 Low Loose Bun

Image from She Knows

The description for this style includes the words “perfect for a bad hair day” so we’re in!

#5 Add Some Bobby Pins

Image and ideas from All Day Chic

If you have girls you probably have thousands of bobby pins around the house. Why not use them a little inventively and turn a boring style into something a little more chic.