Time Saving Summer Beauty Ideas

Summer is here and it’s time to get those legs and arms out and show a little skin.

The only problem is being a busy mum we don’t always have time (or inclination come to think of it) to keep ourselves preened to within an inch of our lives.

This weeks blog looks at some beauty ideas that will save you time and make you feel fab!


Image from beverly Hills Lashes via You Tube

This summer why not opt for an eyelash lift and tint. Lasting 6-8 weeks this is the ultimate in low maintenance. The procedure involves a gentle curling of the lashes and a tint so you won’t have to reach for the mascara all summer long.


Fake tans can be time consuming so why not just let someone else do it. Opt for a regular spray tan and keep that summer glow.


Gel nails are perfect for the summer and have become super affordable over the past few years. Choose a classic nude shade or add a pop of colour and admire perfect nails for up to 3 weeks.


Shaving your legs can seem like a pain so opt for a simple in-shower method. We absolutely love the intuition razor from Wilkinson Sword as it has built in soap so you literally run it over your legs every time you shower!


As with your hands opt for gel polish on your feet. They usually last longer than the ones on your hands and mean swiping off summer shoes needn’t be embarrassing. You can even buy very reasonable at home versions from high street chemists like boots.