Six Things We Love About Tennis

The past few weeks have seen the UK go Wimbledon crazy which has provided the inspiration for this fabulous tennis blog.

Here are 6 things we LOVE about tennis and how to bring them into your life this weekend.

Strawberries and Cream

The traditional “snack” of the tournament is inspiration to us all,  Strawberries and tennis both signal the arrival of summer and the tradition is thought to date back to the first Wimbledon tournament in 1877. Grab a punnet from the local farm shop, add a good dollop of cream and sit back and watch the action.


The staple of any serious spectator. Wimbledon always presents us with an array of “bang on trend” sunglasses. Take note of who’s wearing what and then pick up your own pair for the summer ahead.

Dress Code

Players have to strictly wear white whilst playing. The rules state, “No solid mass of colouring; little or no dark or bold colours; no fluorescent colours; preference towards pastel colours…and all other items of clothing including hats, socks and shoes to be almost entirely white.” Why not introduce some white into your wardrobe this summer, think linen trousers or flowing white tops.


If you’ve been watching the action over the past two weeks you’ll have seen plenty of autographs being given out by the players. We especially like the oversized tennis balls making an appearance. This has got us thinking –  we should resurrect the good old autograph book for our little ones. Just think of all the cbeebies celebrities you could corner!


The royal family have a long history of supporting Wimbledon and The All England Club. Wimbledon is the only grad slam patronised by a royal family, with a royal box available and a rumour that the queen usually visits to meet the players. Why not create your own royal box at home for the kids, I mean who doesn’t like dressing up as a princess!

Dreams and Inspiration

The buzz around tennis is a fantastic opportunity to introduce children to the sport (or any sport for that matter). The constant television coverage celebrates the fact that the players have put in an awful lot of hard work and determination to become the top of their field, something as parents we all like to install in our children.