Keep Em’ Busy School Holiday Projects

Most schools have now finished for the summer break and we know how hard it can be to keep the kids (big and small) entertained the whole time.

Here at Mummies Club we’ve created a blog highlighting some of our fabulous Project 52 activities.

Think of it as your summer survival guide and whip it out when the little darlings need to keep BUSY!

No.1 Bubble Snakes

A great outdoor project. Perfect for keeping little ones entertained on a summer day.

No.2 Build An Obstacle Course

A great way to get all that energy burnt off. Use things you have in the garden or go out and about an use the local park.

No.3 Build A Bug Hotel

This is a great project to use up left over recycling like loo rolls. Create one or a whole bug freindly village.

No.4 Press Some Spring Flowers

Now summer has well and truly landed get to an about and collect some wild flowers. Press them and create  your own little record book.

No.5 Set Up Garden Bullseye

There’s nothing better than playing outside. Why not set up this garden bullseye game and then add some other traditional games like hop scotch, skipping and IT!

No.6 Make A Time Capsule

Summer projects that are all about family are the best. Why not create your very one time capsule or “Summer” Capsule. A perfect reminder of what fun you’ve had.