Pumpkin Carving SOS

Halloween is almost upon us and what better way to spend the next few days than pumpkin carving. Here’s our carving SOS blog guaranteed to help little (and big) ones create a perfect pumpkin.

Be Prepared

Let’s face it pumpkins are hard and slimey and can result in some rather hazardous cutting situations. We suggest preparing your pumpkins a little before the big family carve to prevent accidents along the way. There are just two things to do before hand.

1. Cut off the top

2. Loosen the seeds and flesh (that way little hands can get in an easily remove the insides).

Grab some tools

The easiest tools for children are the little sets you see in supermarkets with plastic scoops and mini saws. These are perfect and easy to keep for the next year.


A great tip is drawing your design onto the pumpkin with a sharpie beforehand.


There are some awesome templates available for free online. Start by looking at ThePumkinLady.com which had over 700 free templates to choose from.


Images from Good Housekeeping
Carving isn’t the only way to decorate a pumpkin. Using pens, paint, (especially glow in the dark) glitter and glue can make your creation really stand out. Check out this article from Good Housekeeping for some fabulous ideas


Image and product fro m Lights4fun
Night lights are the easiest way to luminate your creation and the battery powered ones will go one all night if you are worried about a small fire on your porch. You can even get flickering ones like these from Lights4fun