Week 29 – Puddle Spot & Splash

This weeks p52 embraces the rain. Grab your wellies and waterproofs (we definitely recommend waterproof trousers for this one to stop those soggy legs) and head outside.

You will need: 

Warm waterproof clothes


Stickers – for younger kids pepper pig stickers work well

A park to walk in

A flask of hot drink

Some snacks

Towels and a change of clothes ready in the car or ready back at home if you are walking from the house.

You need to: 

Talk through the super simple “rules”

Tell everyone every time they see a puddle to shout “spot”. The first person to shout “spot” gets one sticker.

Run to the puddle and have a good splash. Give out a sticker for each person who take part in the splashing.

Continue on your walk and count up the stickers at the end (give out a prize if you like).

Remember to stop halfway for some warm drinks and snacks.