Project 52, Week 33 Get Outside & Have A Wind Race

This blog is taken from your famous Project 52 which aims to share an outside activity for the family EVERY week of the year.

This time of year the weather outside can get a bit windy. Even though this can make us want to stay inside getting out there can be really exciting for the kids. We’ve come up with a simple but extremely fun  little activity that will get everyone outside. 

You will need:

Nylon fishing line or nylon thread.

Two poles or two spades/forks etc.

Paper clips

Thin cardboard cut into equal squares

You will need to:

Work out the direction of the wind.  The easiest way is the finger test. Wet you ginger hold it up above your head and see which side dries first that’s the direction the wind is coming from.

Place the poles into the ground so the wind will blow from one to the other about 10 feet apart.

Attach the line in between.

Take one paper clip and attach it to the thread

Attach the card.

Gently place the card at the first post and let go. It should then blow along to the second pole.

Now have a race. Spilt your family into teams. The only rule is you can’t touch the card (but you can help it along with some competitive blowing)

CAUTION nylon wire is thin and transparent. Make sure you have it at a height that won’t hurt anyone if they accidentally walk or run into it ie. not head or neck height for anyone.



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