Pretty Spring Pots

Garden centres and supermarkets are now full of pretty little pots of spring flowers. From tete a tete to primroses there’s something to cheer even the most dull of days. 

This blog takes a look at some simple planting ideas that even the kids can get involved in. 

Pack In The Pansies

These versatile little wonders are a staple of spring bedding displays across the UK. Choose some colourful pots to complement the blooms.

Take Some Tete a Tete

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These miniature little daffodils provide pretty clusters of golden flowers. If you are after simple and cheap spring planting idea grab a few pots from the supermarket or garden centre and pack them into pots you already have in the garden.

Pop in  A Perfect Primula

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(visit Davids fabulous website for more information on growing primulas)

Primulas are one of those plants that exude pretty! They flower for weeks on end and are available in most garden centres at this time of year. Plant them in simple terracotta pots of different shapes and sizes for a simple but stunning display.

Bag Yourself A Bellis

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The perfect pom pom shaped flowers of the bellis are perfect for spring pots. Available in garden centres or online as plugs (click Dobies link above) they are a great choice if you’re after something a little different.

Build A Basket

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Mix up spring flowers to create a studding multi colour display in a hanging basket. We love this up-cycle take on the traditional hanging basket from Tesco. Perfect to make a statement that spring is here!