Potty Training Essentials

Parents of toddlers know how hard it can be to potty train. In this weeks blog we look at some fabulous products, both new and old, all designed to make the transition away from nappies as smooth as possible for both parent and child.


Home is a safe place to encourage your child to start using a potty. Here are our top products for making the start of their transition easy and stress free.

The Step Stool


Step Stool from Argos

Small child friendly steps are useful all around the house, especially for potty training. We love Argos step stools, available in various designs from Little Miss, to Mickey Mouse.

The Toilet Training Seat


From Mothercare

Simple but oh so effective (just remember to take it off when you use the toilet) a training seat stops little bottoms falling down the toilet. Available in most shops, we like this Thomas themed version from Mothercare.

The Trainer Pant


Bright Bots from The Nappy Lady.com

From The Nappy Lady website these little pants have been designed to stop a flood if “caught short”, they will not hold a full wee or withstand being sat on when wet but they will prevent trousers etc getting wet, if an accident happens on the way to the toilet.

The Reward Chart


from Little Lennons

The simplest idea is to make a rewards chart yourself. If you aren’t feeling creative grab a personalised version like this princess potty chart from Little Lennons on Etsy


When venturing outside the house, its all too easy to pop a nappy back on but we don’t want to undo all the hard work do we? Use these products to help your little one potty train on the go.

The Travel Potty


Potette from Mothercare

Gone are the days of carrying a normal potty on your travels, now you can get a potette – a travel potty complete with disposable bags for those little you know whats! We love this product as it also doubles as a training seat.

The Car Seat Protector


from The Nappy Lady

As a parent we always want to encourage our children to go out and about while potty training but little accidents can be hard to deal with in the car. Invest in a car seat protector like this one from The Nappy Lady. Easy to whip off and wash after a little accident.

The Flushable Wipe


from Ethical Superstore

Like a baby wipe but flushable, this is a great way to make sure your little ones spare themselves from a sore bottom when training. Different versions are available in most supermarkets but we like Nature baby care’s Naty Unscented wipes (also available at Ethical Superstore.com)


Night time can be a big deal for little ones when they are potty training, use these products to help them feel comfortable and in control.

The Night Time Helper


These disposables are available from all the big brands like Huggies.  Perfect for catching night time wee week and gently letting your child know they have been.

The Waterproof Mattress Cover


from The Nappy Lady.com

As we know night time is bound to bring some little accidents so invest in a waterproof mattress cover to protect your child mattress. Fitted versions like this one from The Nappy Lady are particularly useful.