Potato Print Easter Cards

Easter is coming and it’s the perfect excuse to get crafting. In the first of a series of posts, we’ve been playing around with potato printing to create some little cards to send out to those near and dear to you. 

You will need:


Sharp knife

Felt tip pen

Paints and brushes

You need to:

Cut your potatoes in half

Use a felt tip to draw your design onto the cut side of the potato

Cut out the design (best done by an adult)

Cover your potato printers in paint (we used a brush but you can also pour the paint into a small dish)


Print on card/paper/envelopes – the choice is yoursIMG_2720

Let your designs dry and then get creative decorating your cards, we’ve used washi tape, finished bunny faces with a felt tip and even decorated a little gift bag for an Easter egg hunt.



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