Possibly The Best Pre School Club Ever!

Award winning Busylizzy is a fabulous way to get out and connect with other mums in your area as well as having some fun and exercise at the same time. They have a number of clubs in the UK with their latest edition opening in the Camberley area  this Autumn. Read on to find out what makes them different.


 Caroline Copp of Busy Lizzy Camberley took some time to tell us what they are all about:

“We are new to the area and wanted to take a moment to tell you why we are different and why you should give us a try!

Busylizzy is a family club meaning one membership is available for ALL of your children and they can be brought along by any family member, this is particularly useful as we don’t close for the school holidays and are infact open 51 weeks a year.


We don’t operate termly and you are free to pick and choose your sessions to fit your schedule each week allowing you total flexibility to try lots of different sessions. This is all controlled by you through our handy smartphone app


Just over 3 months ago – our big sister Busylizzy club opened in Horsham to five star rave reviews.  If you can spare 2 mins of your time its worth a quick read to get a feel of what you can expect here in Busylizzy Camberley – read some busylizzy reviews.”

If you are interested in joining but would like to chat through your options – please feel free to contact BusyLizzy Camberley on 01276 585123 or simply contact them on camberley@busylizzy.co.uk , don’t forget that Mummies Club members have a special discount available to you.. They are also running taster sessions which you are welcome to come along to – contact them and find out more!

Our sessions include:-

Baby Classes 

We have a whole host of Baby classes available including Baby Yoga, Baby Massage, Baby Karma, Baby Boogie, Baby Music and Baby Picassos. These classes are designed to be both nurturing and calming as well as an opportunity to help promote development. They are a perfect opportunity for Mums to get together in those early days as well as some time for bonding with your newbie!

Mummy & Me Fitness Classes 

It’s all about ME!!! Well we tend to forget about ourselves when we have children so in an effort to help you find some time for yourselves we have introduced a range of postnatal fitness class. No childcare required! Sessions include Yoga, Pilates, Bootcamp and Buggyfitness. Aerobics coming soon…