Plastic Free – What Can You Do?

The news is full of the detrimental effects of plastic packaging and here at Mummies Club we’ve been looking into things families can do to at least reduce their plastic waste.

Read one for some simple steps you can take to work towards a plastic free Britain.

Try these simple steps…

At The Supermarket 

1 – Opt for loose fruit and vegetables

Instead of grabbing already bagged fruit and vegetables take the time to pick loose items and avoid the plastic bags. Take them loose to the till (especially the ones you are going to peel and wash) and then place them in your own reusable shopping bag.

2 – Buy from the bakery

Bakeries often use paper bags and cardboard boxes to package bread and cakes. Choose this option if possible.

3 – Visit the instore butcher

Ok so although the in-store butcher will probably use a plastic bag for your meat but they won’t use the plastic trays that fill up the pre packed aisle.

At Home

1 – Choose cloth nappies

If you have a baby or small child consider using cloth nappies instead of disposable ones. Even if you just do this at home it will make a difference to what goes into landfill.

2 – Use reusable sandwich bags/wraps 

Image from EcoSnackWrap

If you family take their lunch to school or work consider investing in some reusable sandwich bags or wraps like these from Ecosnackwrap.

3 – Go back to glass bottles for milk

Doorstep milk delivery is making a comeback and isn’t as expensive as you think. Use Google to find your local supplier and consider using them from now on.

Out & About

1 – Take a reusable cup

Image from ecoffeecup

Whether you are on a break from work or a day out take along your reusable cup like these from ecoffeecup and use it in coffee shops to save on waste. Most retailers will offer a small discount as well so it’s a win win.

2 – Be mindful of where you eat out 

Although so this one isn’t always possible but if you can spare a thought to where you buy food when out you can do your bit. For fast food choose those who use cardboard packaging and eco friendly cups and straws.