Top Pinterest Boards To Follow For Busy Mums

Ah, the beloved pinterest. It’s like a never ending lifestyle magazine where those super-clickable pins can take you to unexpected heights and fill your head up with interior design dreams. But aside from creating serious wanderlust there are some seriously handy boards out there that will help you keep your home and finances in check, the family fed and keep your kids entertained- now how’s that for a life hack?

#1 Steph:: Modern Parents Messy Kids



108 boards – 35.8k pins – 160.1k followers

With 108 boards and counting covering such a dazzling array of topics that you’re sure to find the magic inspiration in and amongst these boards. From parenting know-how and try it tutorials all the way to STEM boards and seasonal celebration ideas, you’ll have a queue of tips ‘n’ tricks ready to try out!

#2 Alison @ Tickling the Wheat



55 boards – 2.9k pins – 469 followers

This board is such a great resource! Alison at Tickling the Wheat has curated a selection of boards to support you in all of your parenting endeavours, from cleaning hacks to money saving tips, marriage advice and mindfulness practices to boot – it’s like a handbook for living smart and simple.

#3 Tammy @ Housing a Forest


108 boards – 11.5k pins – 56.6k followers

Tammy is an art teacher and is the creator of Housing a Forest. She specialises in creative crafts. Across these boards you will find a fantastic selection of unique ideas and experiments to keep the family entertained all weekend long.

#4 Lunch Box Ideas



311 pins – 67.1k followers

To mix up the tried and tested sandwiches at lunch time, why not take a peek at some of these fabulous lunch box ideas including meal plans and fun presentation ideas

#5 Mum Fitness



207 pins – 87 followers

As a busy mum it’s hard to find the time to squeeze in exercise as well as everything else on your to do list but with these fab ideas that you can try at home or even with the babe in arms – you’ll be squatting your way to those fitness goals in no time

We hope you’re feeling a little more inspired and a little less overwhelmed, start following these boards today to help your day run that little bit smoother

With Love,

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