Pies, Pies And More Pies

Did you know it’s National Pie Week?

Here at Mummies Club we couldn’t resist celebrating such a fabulous event!

Read on for ideas of pies you can make this week. From easy to intricate, savoury to sweet we’ve got it all.

The Family One

Easy Fish Pie from BBC Good Food

Easy fish pie is a perfect midweek pie for the whole family. We like this version from BBC Good Food. Serve with fresh green spring veg and celebrate the fabulous fish available across the UK.

The  Meringue One

Lime and Coconut Meringue Pie from BBC Good Food

We’ve all heard of lemon meringue pie but what about lime and coconut? Spice up this sweet pie filling with tropical flavours and imagine you’re on a sunny beach somewhere.

The Veggie One

Pizza Pie from delicious.co.uk

Who said a veggie pie was boring? With so many fabulous fillings to choose from it was hard to come up with just one for this blog, but have no fear we’ve chosen a cracker. Have a go at this Pizza Pie from Delicious Magazine.

The Meaty One

Royal Wedding Beef Pie fro Jamie Oliver

We couldn’t resist including a Jamie Oliver pie here. Packed full of beef, rosemary, thyme, stout, cheese and red onions it’s a sure winner.

The Fruity One

Chocolate Cherry Pie from Good Food Channel

And last but not least… one for the grown ups. Packed with cherries (of course) madagascar dark chocolate (yum) and cherry brandy (yes please). Go on treat yourself.

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