P52 – Make Some Foam Dough

Looking for something to keep the kids entertained this summer? This is a perfect outside activity (as it can get a little messy). Make sure you do supervise small children as this dough isn’t edible!

What you will need:
Cheap shaving foam
Food colouring
Mixing bowl
Plastic cup or small measuring jug
Plastic gloves

foam clay small

What you need to do:
Measure 1 part cornflour into a large bowl.
We used a small measuring jug.

Step 1&2 – Add approx. 2 parts shaving foam then mix together with your fingers. If the mixture is too dry, add some more shaving foam a little bit at a time, if it is too wet add some more cornflour.

Step 3&4 – Once dough is pliable, add food colouring and work into the dough.(we suggest wearing plastic gloves here) If its gets to wet don’t worry just roll into some cornflour and work it in.

Step 5 – Remove from bowl and get started making shapes. Store in a resealable bag up to 1 week max.

TOP TIP: Wash hands once the dough can roll into a ball and then mould into shapes otherwise its too sticky.