Out Of The Mouth Of Babes!

This blog comes from our friend Tina Stubbs over at Life’s Little Bugs. A fabulous resource supporting any young child’s development and encouraging good habits in an enjoyable way. 

Out of the mouth of babes!

When I write for children I try to keep it fun and simple as I think in certain situations children respond better to this approach.

After storytelling at one of the local libraries I got into a conversation with one of the mum’s there. Her daughter Gracie had a heart condition and the medication she had been taking had made her hair fall out in places.

“It will grow back” she explained, but she has her worries about how other children will react to it at her new school as they may not understand her condition although Gracie does have her own explanation now. Then she went on to tell me the heart -warming story of when Gracie’s hair first fell out and the reaction she received from a little boy at playgroup. It went like this……

Boy… “Gracie you’re moulting!”

Gracie…”What do you mean?”

Boy….”Your hairs falling out like my cats ….Gracie, you must be getting your Summer hair!”

At this, they both fell about laughing.

So now Gracie just tells anyone who asks her now that she is growing her Summer hair which seems enough to satisfy them.

After hearing this story it suddenly dawned on me that this is a perfect example of how a simple explanation or a simple comparison that a child can understand can take the sting out of a complicated situation and satisfy their curiosity.

Over-explaining to a young child can often confuse and deepen a problem or situation and possibly even make it worse.

Anyway I wont keep going on……!

Happy Days!

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