Hold A Kids Noon Years Eve Party

New Years Eve always seems to be an adult affair; the focus is always on the celebration of midnight with a glass of something in your hand. This is all very well but what about the little ones.? My children are all a bit small to stay up and even if I wanted them to see in the New Year with us I know they would be asleep by 9pm. So what are the alternatives? I’ve been searching for ideas and came across the idea of a Noon Years Eve Party. The idea is great, move the celebrations 12 hours forward for the little ones and help them celebrate the new year too.

To help you plan your Noon Years Eve Party we’ve put together our 7 top party activities list:

#1Create a time capsule

Spend the morning gathering together things from 2016. Write a note about everything your family or a group of friends has done and seal it into a box or bottle to reopen another year. Lets the kids create their own drawings, poems etc. to include

 #2 Make countdown surprise bags

This is a lovely idea, say you start your party at 10. Create 4 small bags with treats and add a tine onto them e.g. 10:30, 11:00. 11:30 and 12:00. Use an alarm clock to signal when to open them. You could even include an activity for the next ½ hour in each bag.

#3 Create a 2016 photo collage

A lovely activity for children, whether your party is just family or includes friends, get your photos off that hard drive and create a lovely 2014 collage.

 #4 Host your party with a fancy dress theme

A great way to make a kids party a bit more fun is to have a theme. Ask your guests to come in fancy dress or have the fancy dress box on hand for hours of fun.

 #5 Create your own kiddies disco

Turn off the lights, close those curtains and create your very own Noon Years Eve Disco, gather some kid friendly songs on your ipod and watch them dance around to the music.

 #6 Enjoy some indoor fireworks

These can be a bit of extra fun, News Year Eve is associated with fireworks but letting your Catherine wheel off at 12 Noon wont have quite the same effect so why not buy some indoor fireworks and make use of the disco darkness to wow the little ones.

#7 Toast in Noon Years Eve with a glass of candy floss fizz

Create a really special way for the kids to “toast” Noon by adding some candyfloss to a glass then topping up with something fizzy like lemonade.