National Trust In Winter

With Spring officially starting in March, we have just a few weeks left of “Winter”. This is a lovely time of year to get outside and enjoy the National Trust properties in your area. In this blog we are going to look at 5 things you can do.

National_Trust blog image


#1 Flower Spot

A perfect activity for the kids, wrap up warm, grab a little notebook and pencil and head off across the grounds to find as many flowers as you can. Get the kids to draw or list each flower as you find them. Look of things like: tulips, daffodils, snow drops and crocus.

#2 Birdwatch

Winter is probably one of the best ties of year to spot birds. The trees are yet to get their leaves and the birds are busy starting to collect supplies to build their nests. Take a long child friendly bird book like RSPB Children’s Guide to Birdwatching and see how many you can spot.

#3 Look for Dens and Nests

Leading on from #2 looking for nests can be great fun! Don’t just limit yourself to birds nests (although they are the easiest to spot), look or fox and badger dens, wasps nests and if you’re very lucky you might spot a little mouse nest.

#4 Go inside

Most National Trust properties have a main house, if the weather is a little grotty pop on inside and learn all about the history of the property. There are always child friendly activities to do from trails to easter egg spots.

#5 Have a go at 50 things…

Before you head out download and print the National Trusts 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4 list. There are quite a few winter friendly things to chose from such as climb a tree, build a den, play pooh sticks and track wild animals.