5 Alternative Ideas For Muffin Pans

Most homes will have a muffin pan. But why stick to just baking muffins in them, here at Mummies Club we’ve pulled together 5 alternative things to create from your trustworthy muffin pan and great news – they are all super easy and yummy!

#1  Pop Up Pancakes

Pop-Up-Pancakes-in-a-Muffin-Tin1by MakeandTakes.com

Also known as German pancakes these lovely little puffs of pancake topped with strawberries are perfect for little (and big) fingers.

#2 Mini Toad In The Hole

Mini toad in the hole

by AnulasKitchen

Make the kids tea time a little bit fun and create these mini individual toad in the hole. A perfect treat when the kids have friends over for tea.

#3 Spinach and Eggs


by SeedsNow.com

Spinach and Eggs are a perfect combination, why not give these little mini “omelettes” a try next weekend for a lazy Sunday brunch.

#4 No Bake Granola Bars


by SheSaved.com

We love anything with the word NO-BAKE and these are no exception, a great addition to the breakfast table or the family lucnhboxes.

#5 Bacon and Egg Cups


by The PreppedChef.com

We’ve made these before in a blog last ear and they are super yum. You can swap the bacon for ham as well. these are a great way to get some protein inside your kids.