Week 1 – Make a Human Sundial

Make a Human Sundial

Yes you read that right! Each week here at Mummies Club we are going to feature something fun to do outdoors with the kids. This week it’s all about playing with shadows.

You will need:

A sunny patch in the garden

A central base e.g. a small paving slab or block

 Hour markers e.g. some pebbles, slates or bricks

Some chalk or paint

What you need to do:

Set and alarm for midday, go outside and place the central base on the ground.

Stand on the central base and look at your shadow.

Place one of your hour markers at the top of the shadow

Number it 12 with the chalk (or pre-paint it)

Set a timer for 1 o’clock, as soon as it goes off stand on the central base again and put down the next hour marker 

Continue until bed time

The next morning get up early and start with the hours before midday.

TOP TIP: Extend this by painting pebbles with the numbers 1-12 and pictures to use as hour markers!


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