Make A Cute Child’s Bag (for all those little bits)

This cute Child’s bag sewing blog comes from the fabulous Robyn. For those of you who haven’t met her yet Robyn owns a beautiful company called Scarlett & B

These bags are simple to make for girls or boys and can be made in any size you like. I have chosen to do a small bag as my daughter is obsessed with tiny little things that can be stored perfectly in this bag! I will be making this using my sewing machine but you can easily hand sew it as well. No fancy stitches needed!

bag finished

What you will need:

Cotton fabric for main bag – 1 fat quarter (18” length x 22” width)

Cotton fabric for the lining – 1 fat quarter (18” length x 22” width)

Cotton fabric for the strap – One x 4” width x 16” length

Co-ordinating thread


A ruler or tape measure

Sewing machine or hand sewing needles




For a simple to sew washable bag, then choose a 100% cotton fabric. You can use three different ones – one each for outside of bag, one for the lining and one for the strap. I like to use the same fabric for my strap as the outside fabric but it’s up to you. Prewash your fabric on a regular wash cycle and line dry. This ensures it has preshrunk before you cut it. Fat Quarters are basically a quarter of a metre of fabric and can be bought online or in fabric shops. Alternatively, you can purchase a half or full metre of fabric and make a few bags!

If you are a beginner, it is easier if you choose a fabric which has a simple non directional pattern so if you turn it upside down it’s the same as the right way up.

Cut your fabric pieces as straight as you can, following the pattern on the fabric if you have one. However, I am sure your child won’t even notice if it’s a little bit wonky!

General instructions

Seam allowance (where you sew from edge of fabric) is 1cm.

Backstitch at beginning and end of each line of sewing to secure your thread

Iron your fabric before cutting it and again after if needed.

Right side of fabric – is the side you want to show!

How to do it:

1. Cut out two pieces from your main fabric (mine is the bunnies) and 2 pieces for your lining fabric (red/white spots for me) measuring 8” wide and 9” long. If you find it easier draw a template on a piece of paper and use it on your fabric to cut round.


2. Cut out one strap from your chosen fabric measuring 4” inch wide x 16” long

bag strip

3. You now have your 2 pieces of main fabric for the outside of the bag, your two pieces for the lining and one piece for the strap.

4. Place the two main fabric pieces right side together lining up all the edges and pin along the side and bottom edges, leaving the top open. Make sure they are the right way up if you have a directional pattern on your fabric


5. Sew ¼ inch from the edges using a straight stitch from the top of one side, pivot your needle at the end of the first side and sew round the bottom and up the other side. Repeat for the two lining pieces.


6. Clip the bottom corners of the two sewn bags taking care not to cut too near the stitching

7. Fold down the top of the main bag and lining approx. ½ inch and iron flat as shown.


8. Fold your strap lengthways right side together and starting at the top sew down the length of the strap


9. Turn your strap right side out. You should be able to do this with your fingers as the strap is wide enough. Iron your strap flat with the sewn seam in the middle of the back.


10.Turn your main bag the right way round, poking out the bottom corners with your fingers or a chopstick.

11. Put your lining inside your bag so the wrong sides of the fabics are together, poke out the bottom corners and line up the side seams.


12. Insert one end of the strap between the two layers matching the middle of the strap with the two side seams so that all are in line. Pin. Repeat for other strap. Note: your strap seam should be on the INSIDE.


13. Pin all the way round the top of bag making sure your main and lining fabric are meeting at the edges and your strap is still sandwiched between them.


14. Sew all the way round the top of the bag approx. ¼ inch down from the top. Starting at one seam join and ending there. I tend to go over the straps a couple of times to extra secure them.


Your bag is done! And best of all its reversible! Fill it with things that your child loves and get under your feet!

Find out more about Scarlett & B HERE