Despite what you’ve been told, prolapse and pelvic floor symptoms don’t mean that you have to stop your training and limit yourself to “pelvic floor safe” exercises for the rest of your life. You don’t have to settle for boring or basic workouts forever.


You can lift heavy
You can train your core
You can get back to cross fit
You can jump on the trampoline with your kids
You can find ways to get rid of your pelvic floor symptoms


You don’t have to stop training hard because of your pelvic floor symptoms -
my 1-to-1 coaching is designed to help you train your body to be strong and manage your symptoms


You are not broken …


Pelvic floor coaching is so much more than a workout plan. It is about having someone in your corner, backing you 100%


It is about working with someone who know what you are truly capable of. Someone to guide you back on track when you start to doubt yourself.


You need someone to coach you, teach you and hold you accountable when things don’t go to plan.


You can stop avoiding all the movements you are too scared to do and get back to feeling confident in your body again and to experience the freedom that comes with no longer worrying about leaking or worsening your prolapse.

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