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I am a soul-centred stylist to ambitious hard working women on a mission to help them feel truly good about themselves every day so they’d have true inner confidence, energy and self-assurance to go out and achieve their personal goals. I cannot think of anyone else who needs to feel good about themselves more than busy mums. If you are running a family and a business or if you are an ambitious career woman you need a wardrobe that works for you and inspires you to deal with what ever the day throws at you. I help women get clarity on what really suites their bodies and what makes them feel beautiful and makes them happy so we can reduce overwhelm, body hang-ups, negative comparison and self-consciousness. I have achieved great success in helping many women embrace their bodies, feel happier, sexier and start living their lives instead of watching it go by. I love nothing more than seeing amazing capable women stand up tall, feel proud and excited and live their lives feeling comfortable, at ease, confident and with true joy and passion.


Guildford, Surrey, England, United Kingdom

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