I am your coach. Your mentor. Your family advisor. I’m the one who guides you in the direction of the parent that you wish to be.
I’m the one who helps you understand your own reactions better – and reminds you of your child’s perspective, capabilities and level of maturity. I’m the one who helps you make sense of your child’s reactions and what actually makes your child want to cooperate with you – making family life a whole lot more enjoyable.

On a more official note – I was born and raised in Denmark. I have spent the majority of my adult life abroad – living in the US and UAE – and eventually moved to the  UK 11 years ago to pursue what I knew was my calling in life – a degree in psychology.
It was here I met my husband, Dean – and where I’ve since settled in Surrey and now raise our two children, Freja 7 and Miller 5.
I am a qualified life coach from a leading coaching institute in my native Denmark – which is where I earned my qualifications as a family advisor.

My daughter was born shortly after I finished my degree in psychology – and imagined that with a background like that – I could surely avoid some of the common pitfalls that new parents fall into. Of course, it didn’t work out quite like that.

I have since come to understand that this isn’t the point either.
The truth is, no amount of studying, or knowledge of fancy theories, makes it easier to outsmart your child. This can leave you occasionally feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable, scared and lost in your role as a mum or dad. I know. From personal experience.

In fact, becoming a parent is an invitation to understand ourselves better; our reactions, our own feelings and all the stuff that we all get confronted with, when we suddenly stand face to face with our child. Because children have a way of activating our own baggage – both the good stuff and the bad.
My mission is to help you to better understand what’s gone into your backpack and to gain a clearer understanding of what you would like to carry forward and what new behaviours and beliefs will help you become the parent you would like to be.


10 Katherine Close, Runnymede, Addlestone, KT15 1NT, United Kingdom

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