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Thank you for visiting Nic’s Little Readers.


Let me tell you who I am.


My name is Nicky, I’m 35 years old and I live in Hampshire. For the last 15 years I have worked in the health care sector. This includes hospitals both on the wards and in theatre, in Social care through an agency and for the last 6 years on my own as a private Carer.


Although I have spent the last 15 years or so working with our older citizens, I love the time I spend with the younger people in my life.


I have many Nieces & Nephews and I spend as much time as I can with them. My greatest pleasure is sitting down and reading with them. I’ve always enjoyed a good book, but the joy I get from reading to them, and then, as they start to recognise words and start reading with me, that really makes me smile.


Knowing I’m helping them develop life skills and tools they will carry with them for their entire lives while both enjoying a good story is truly rewarding.


This is why I have started selling Usborne Books.



Fleet, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom

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