Do your child love LEGO, Minecraft and Coding? Do you know that 75% of the fastest-growing occupations require STEM skills?

AweSTEM brings the first of its kind STEM learning for young children aged 7 – 14. Our courses are designed by industry experts to immerse young minds in to the 21st century skills, improving their creativity, technical acumen and complex problem-solving.

So what would it take for your child to invent Google?

Our Term Time courses will engage children in a structured in-depth STEM learning thus enhancing their creativity and stretching their imagination.

·       LEGO Education WeDO Robotics

·       Minecraft Education Game Designing

·       MIT Scratch Programming

An Exciting 5-day ‘Discovery Week', a holiday course where we provide a careful blend of on-screen and off-screen STEM activities. Children engage in a variety of technology and design challenges such as complex coding puzzles, game designing, build robots, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

Check out our upcoming term-time, holiday and weekend courses at multiple dates in various locations. Book a 1 hour ‘Experience Day’ for parents and children to sneak peek into our classes.


Merrist Wood College, Holly lane, Guildford, England GU3 3PE, United Kingdom

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