Life Hacks Every Parent Should Know

We love a Hack blog and we’ve not done one for a while so read on for some hacks you wish you’d known about sooner.

Shower Cap Wheel Hack

We love this idea from Family Days, Tried & Tested on Facebook. So simple and easy.

Egg Carton Painting

Image and idea from momdotofficial via Instagram

Use an egg carton for your child’s next painting activity. Perfect for finger painting or normal painting.

Pool Noodle Door Jammer

Image from DIY Danielle

Pool noodle are a great item to hack. Try using one to stop little fingers catching in doors.

Bubble Holder

How many times can you remember buying your little one bubbles only to find they’d poured the whole lot out on the garden? We love this idea from @DanielHugil via twitter.

Easter Egg Dip With A Whisk

Such an easy idea from LowesFoodsStores