Larder Meals For Busy Parents

Ok so sometimes we just haven’t got ANYTHING in for tea.

This weeks blog has pulled together some yummy meals you can make from basic ingredients in your larder. Give one a try this week and impress yourself!

Simple Pasta and Sauce

from Jamie Olivers Food Tube

Ok so you’ll need to plan ahead but once you’ve added a few supplies to one weekly shop you’ll have perfect past sauces on tap with no hassle.

Real Tomato Soup

from bbcgoodfood

One of the most obvious larder meals, make a soup from leftovers in your fridge with the addition of larder staples like tinned tomatoes. This simple real tomato soup from BBC Good Food uses store cupboard ingredients. Pair with part baked rolls for a simple supper.

One Pot Chicken Risotto

from mums pantry

We LOVE this no stir risotto. Bake in the oven and enjoy a hearty meal for the whole family. Perfect for busy parents everywhere.

Tuna Quesadilla


This 5 ingredient supper proves tuna is a larder staple. Melted cheese, salsa,tuna and mayo make up a decadent filling.

Grab and Go Spinach and Ham Egg Bakes

from country

If you have eggs in your cupboard try and create a version of these lovely little grab and go bakes. Using frozen spinach and ready to go pastry they are super easy.