Kinitting for Kids (& Beginners)

Knitting can be great fun for kids but sometimes patterns can be complicated which means concentration fails.

Here at Mummies Club we’ve pulled together some easy to knit ideas. Perfect for kids and grown ups who are just beginners.

Firstly let’s start with a Youtube video.

 This video posted by Sam Williams show easy casting on.

Next here are our favourite easy knits…

#1 Cowl Scarf

Image and instructions from All Free Knitting

This easy knit for a lovely cowl scarf from All Free Knitting uses bulky yarn (good for beginners) and one stick garter stitch.

#2 Bunny From A Square

This video from Studio Knit is so cute and super easy.

#3 Basket Weave Dish Cloth

Why not make something practical while practicing stitches? We love this basket weave dishcloth from All Free Knitting.