Is Your Home Really Childproof?

Have you seen the nanny-cam video doing the rounds on social media wth 2 years old twins? It shows them climbing on a chest of drawers and one getting stuck underneath as it falls.

We all know what we SHOULD do to child proof our homes but have we actually done it? 

Watch the nanny-cam video below and read our top tips for checking your home is as safe as it can be.

Check drawers, wardrobes and other furniture

Are they attached to the wall? Can the fall if pulled? Most companies like Ikea provide attachments to prevent furniture falling on little ones. You can also buy them online.

Check ovens are safe

Make sure your little ones can’t get into the kitchen by using a stir gate or can’t get into the oven by using an appliance latch. Also be aware of pots and pans on the stove top (always face handles away from the front of the cooker) and of course never leave a child unattended in the kitchen.

Check Electrical Items and plugs

Children love exploring and that includes sticking things into wall sockets. Make sure you have safety covers on unused plug sockets and hide any loose wires. Also keep appliances like hair straighteners and irons out of reach or locked away.

Check Blinds

Sadly blind chords have caused accidental deaths in a number of infants over the past few years. There is some excellent advice on the RoSPA website HERE, including details of how to position your cot.

Check stairs

Seems like an obvious one but having stair gates is a must, both bottom and top to prevent falls.

Check doors and cupboards

Doors and cupboards (and the items inside) pose a risk to your child. Make sure you invest in some simple safety latches and keep dangerous and heavy items well out of reach.

Check knives and scissors

Knives and Scissors are items we use on a daily basis and its vital we have a safe place to store them. Pre-children you may have used a knife block or kept them in a drawer but now they need to be completely out of reach.

Check chemicals

We’ve all seen the adverts like the one below about keeping things like liquid laundry tabs out of reach but this also goes for any chemical and medicine. Invest in a lockable medicine cabinet and use cupboard latches for cleaning products.

Check windows

You’d be surprised how easy it is for a child to fall through or out of a window. make sure they are unable to climb onto window sills and attach child proof window locks.

Check water

Water is a particular hazard as children can drown in just a few inches. Go round your house and actually look at where water is. Toilets, baths, outdoor ponds and water butts. Make your your child doesn’t have access to them or access to the taps to fill them.

Check highchairs

Make sure you use a safe highchair with safety straps and never leave a child unattended.

Check bins

Bins are often overlooked as potential hazards. depending on the type of bin you have children can catch their fingers, pull them over and get at the often hazardous content inside.

Check fires

During the winter months we all like a fire, whether it be open, gas or electric they can be particular problem for children. Make sure you use fireguards and store matches etc in a safe place. never leave a child unnatended  in the same room as a fire of an type.