Indoor Plants – What To Grow

Keeping a few plants inside the house can be great for children.

Whether you fancy something edible or ornamental we’ve got a list of four fabulous ideas in this weeks blog.

Happy Herbs

Herbs serve two purposes, they look great and of course you can eat them. With seeds for herbs like basil, cress and coriander easily available it’s a great way to teach your child about plants and how they grow. If you fancy something a little more instant buy a herb pot from your local supermarket and replant in some more decorative pots for the kitchen.

Cute Little Cacti

Cacti, the “poster girl” of easy plant keeping. Perfect for children (but mind the spikes). We love this idea of using all different types of pots to grow them in including a mug!

All About Air Plants

Air plants are cleaver little fellas. They get all the water and nutrients they need through their leaves. Parcet for those who forget to water. Place them in jars or on wood for a pretty indoor display.

Fancy Some Flowers

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Flowering house plants are the perfect choice to bring a little sunshine inside. We love small versions like this beautiful African violet. Pop along to your local garden centre and they’ll be happy to advise you on what’s in season an what’s easy to grow.