How To Spring Clean Like A Pro

Now the New Year is here many of us are thinking about blitzing the house and clearing out all the clutter from the past year.

Scroll down for ideas, hints and tips.

Start Small and Get Tips From Instagram


The idea of a spring clean can seem overwhelming, especially of your home is less than organised. The trick is to start off small. Choose just one thing to focus on at any one time, like the windows or paintwork. Try and do just one small 10 min job a day and after a week it will soon add up. To get inspiration follow people like @stylesisters and @staceysolomon on Instagram. Their feeds are packed full on small jobs that can make a big difference.

Think Storage

If you have quite a bit of clutter you may want to think about storage ideas before you attempt a big spring clean. Social media and home magazines are you best find here. Spend 15 mins scrolling ideas and make sure you  do at least 2 of them. We like this article by House Beautiful

Create A List

Have you seen Mrs Hinch’s Activity Journal and Little Book Of Lists? Both are the perfect way to keep you on track and more importantly make you feel like you’ve achieved something.

Plan A Big Family Clear Out

Get the whole family involved in having a big clear out. Make it into a game by challenging individuals to certain tasks and have some rewards ready to encourage them. you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done in a short time. You can even get little ones involved 🙂

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Tool Up

Professional cleaners have their very own tool kit. Before you start invest in our own pro-inspired kit to tackle the job ahead. Pop on over to organised for some ideas.

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Don’t Forget The Garden

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to just be inside. Spend the next sunny day outside getting the garden ready for summer by tidying and cleaning. If you have a lot of clutter make a pile for recycling and take a piece with you overtime you pass the tip.