How Often Should We Clean “That”?

There are some things at home that we sometimes forget to clean. Items that don’t get scrubbed buffed or polished on a regular basis can easily get a bit more dirty than you’d like. Here at MC we’ve compiled a list of the most overlooked items and to make things really easy we’ve suggested how often they should be cleaned. So grab your calendar and make a quick note and we guarantee you’ll not forget again.¬†



Let’s face it the last thing that wakes you up at night is “I haven’t cleaned the grout” but clean grout can really improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. We suggest grabbing a small scrubbing brush and your favourite bathroom cleaner and giving it 10 mins attention once a month.

Shower curtain

The great news is most shower curtains can be removed and washed in the washing machine. We suggest doing this every 3-4 weeks or as soon as you notice that yucky yellow build up caused by soap and shampoo (normally on the bottom of the curtain so easily missed). If you can’t machine wash your curtain wipe it down well with a bathroom cleaner and leave to air dry.


If you’re anything like us you only think of cleaning the drains when they smell which is a little too late. To keep things flowing run the hot tap for a few minutes once a week and then use something a little stronger once a month.


Loose covers

With a young family loose covers on cushions and furniture can be a life saver. Instead of rushing to wash them just before the in-laws come to stay keep on top of things by washing every 3-4 weeks. The only word of warning here is check you can clean them yourself (some may be dry clean only) and stay away from hot washes to prevent shrinkage. We suggest using a washing detergent known to kill bugs at low temps as most of the stains will be food or drink related.

Electronic Equipment

Come on be honest when was the last time you cleaned your computer keyboard or wiped over your remote controls. Small buttons can be a great hiding place for dirt, especially with little sticky fingers in the house. The good news is it’s super easy and quick to clean them. Grab yourself some special wipes, we like pledge electronic wipes available in most supermarkets including TESCO


Rugs catch “stuff” and your cleaning method will depend on what they are made of. For machine washable rugs make a note to pop them in the washing machine once a month. For dry clean only make sure you keep them hoovered on a regular basis and spot clean as soon as stains appear.



I know we all probably leave bed sheets a little bit too long and although people suggest changing them every week this doesn’t always happen. We do suggest you change them after 2 weeks though to keep things fresh. A fabric freshener can work wonders in between.


Most pillows are machine washable and you should be popping them in the machine every 3 months. In addition pillow cases need changing every week and protectors every month.



Regular kitchen cleaning seems to ignore splash backs and tiles. Grab a hot wet cloth and some kitchen spray and give them a wipe over every fortnight.


Bins are a breeding ground for bugs, all those splashes of tea, smudges of jam and splats of gravy need a good clean away. Use a disinfectant spray to remove build up every few days and then give the bin a proper wash out (in the bath or shower) every fortnight.

Small Appliances

Items such as toasters, kettles and coffee machines often get neglected. A quick wipe over the exterior once a week will keep them looking good. We then suggest you clean them properly inside once a month as per the instructions from the manufacturer.