The heat wave looks set to continue so we’ve pulled together some idea to keep you and your family sane in the days ahead.

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Use Some Ice Balms

Image and idea from Bri & Co.

We love the idea of these ice balms. Pop on over to the Brit & Co. website for more info…

Stop Thighs Rubbing 

How annoying is it when you slip on that summer dress only to find your inner things rub, try this deodorant hack from it’s great and the best thing it lasts all day. 

Freeze A Water Bottle 

Getting dehydrated is a serious problem during a heat wave and water can quickly warm up, try freezing your bottle over night for a longer supply of water. 

Cold Flannel In A Bag

Sweating when you and the family are out enjoying the sun can be uncomfortable. Before you go out wet and ring out a flannel and pop it in a plastic bag. Take it with you and even though it feels warm a quick wipe over your face will add a thin layer of water which will evaporate away and make you feel refreshed and clean. 

Use A Fan On Your Phone 

Image and product from eBay

Let’s face it not if us take our phones out with us when we go out. Why not make use of its power and get a small phone powered fan like this one from eBay 

Place Ice Tray In Front Of A Fan

A well known hack perfect for when you just can’t get cool. Put a fan on and place a tray of ice knfrint if it. The air will blow over the ice and cool as it does. 

Make A Water Blob

Image and idea Brit & Co.

OMG we can’t wait to see these in our garden. Perfect for cooling off in the hot summer sun.