Handy House Hacks For Busy Parents

We’ve all seen them. The images of creative ways to hack your life or home but let’s be honest how many of them are achievable? How many of us have thought yes I’ll make that seat out of pallets as soon as I get time only to find time never comes. Well this blog is different – we’ve pulled together 10 totally achievable hacks for busy parents that you can actually do this weekend.

#1 School Water Bottles Storage


Use a shoe holder to store your bottles

Via my-house-my-home.com

#2 Perfect Flowers


Use tape to create a grid across a bowl to stop flowers slipping

from thesweetestoccasion.com

#3 Never Search For A Bib Again


A quick sticky hook on the back of the highchair – genius!

Via tumblr.com

#4 Clear Up That Grime


Use a toilet roll to get that hard to reach “stuff”

Via Life Hacker.com

#5 Tidy Up Your Trays


Curtain poles – so simple!

Via Life Hacker.com

#6 Keep Drips At Bay


Use a cake case to stop little drips!

from ViralNova.com

#7 Dot Up The Clothes


If you have more than one child in the house this is a life saver.

Try Child 1 = 1 dot, child 2 = 2 dots etc (that way you can pass down clothes and just add anther dot)

from Life Hack

#8 Find Those Jars In A Jiffy


Use a lazy susan in the fridge.

from Life Hack

#9 Stop Fingers Getting Trapped


Pool noodles – so versatile.

from Life Hack

#10 Keep Little Hands Clean


Cute idea!